“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living Fierce Compassion is a passion of Michelle Arellano’s. One that she has to share. After spending years in training through Ministerial school, one on one coaching, counseling, and “digging deeper”, Michelle has emerged as an inspirational force in many circles. She now serves others through Shadow Work, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, teaching classes and workshops, and professional Training and Development. Take a look through her services here and feel free to contact her with any questions you may have!


Go within

In order to truly love others,
we first must truly love ourselves.




Summary of Services

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

5405_webI am grateful for those teachers in my life who have helped pave my way through their patience, wisdom and generosity as they provided the tools and resources necessary to assist me in life transformation. Through these tools I have found my true, authentic self. I am able to love and embrace myself, in my allness. I’ve learned to continue to look at my shadows, and look at my light, and to be on my path with it all! I’ve created my life purpose through these practices.

My give back work is this:

  • Shadow Work – Discovering Your Divine Purpose
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Training and Development

I believe it is important to meet people where they’re at. Each person is an individual with unique experiences. I honor that. Work on ourselves is personal and specific to each person, and it’s an honor to walk beside anyone on their journey.

Because of the intense experiences someone can have while improving their lives, it’s important to me to remain available between sessions. Either by text or email. A client to me is a relationship. An individual soul. I see the Divinity in each one of them and hold that space.

Although there are completion times to various work I do with others, it’s important to me to make sure I remain available and let each person know that I care about where they’re at in their journey.

Awaken your Soul

The key to living an authentic life, walking your soul’s path,
is trust and faith, knowing that the Universe is for you.



What others say about Michelle..

  • I have had the privilege of working with Michelle Arellano for many years. She is a powerful teacher, speaker, team builder and licensed minister. She walks her talk and boldly stands in a space of Grace. With her open heart and lioness courage, Michelle will take you on a journey to a place that's deep and wide, where there's room for me, there's room for you, and all who dare enter... a place of love and deep compassion.
    Rev. Crystal Magon
  • Michelle Arellano demonstrates a minister’s heart as well as an inspiring and dedicated passion for spirit, people, and community. Her combination of corporate skills and spirit-centered leadership are incredibly valuable and make her a great teacher, speaker, and coach. So many times, I have felt supported by Michelle’s wisdom and presence, and she always brings a professionalism and openheartedness to whatever activity she is engaged in.
    Rev. Joshua Reeves, Sr. MinisterCenter for Spiritual Living, Seal Beach, CA
  • I have had the privilege and honor of experiencing Rev Michelle as a speaker and a facilitator. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker. She speaks with authority and demonstrates her knowledge of the subject matter presented in a professional, humorous and insightful way. Her talks are indicative of one who has extensive experience with public speaking and they demonstrate her thorough knowledge and experience as a conscientious leader and teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious and I am motivated and encouraged by her ability to be genuine and authentic.
    Rev. Juanita GardnerSeal Beach Center for Spiritual Living
Shine your light

Love is the doorway to our hearts desires!
As we embrace that, we embrace ourselves. It’s our nature.